Our hand-picked team of assessors and their associate international lawyers can help you regain funds that were taken through erroneous means. 

Welcome to Claim Support Line

We are a free advice service that identifies the best Lawyers, Solicitors or Claims management company that best suits you for your claim.

Claims administration is now big business in the United Kingdom and finding the right company that can represent you in the best possible way to get you the maximum payout as quickly as possible is essential for any claim.

Whether you are claiming for Mis-sold mortgages, Workplace Accidents, Mis-sold SIPPs or Pensions , Cavity wall insulation, Mis-sold Pay Day loans, Road Traffic Accidents, Mis-sold Timeshares or any other type of claim our service is invaluable in getting you the result you need in the quickest time scale possible.

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Work Place Accidents

If you feel that your employer failed to meet their responsibilities and negligence has led to you being injured in an accident at work, you can claim compensation by filing a work accident claim. If your claim for a work injury is successful the compensation would be paid from the employers liability insurance.

Time Share and Over Seas Property Claims

There is an increasing number of successful cases in which people who claim compensation against timeshare resorts have won. ...The series of precedents that have emerged over the few years have been instrumental in facilitating timeshare holders to claim compensation against timeshare resorts.

Financial Claims

 A financial claim: (a) entitles a creditor to receive a payment, or payments, from a debtor in circumstances specified in a contract between them; or (b) specifies between the two parties certain rights or obligations, the nature of which requires them to be treated as financial.

How we work

Through dedicated Validation Advisors we will form your initial claim assessment ensuring we find you the best Administration Company that suits your specific needs for.

This is usually based on precedent and comparison and identifying the company with the best track record and success rate on your particular claim and who have already submitted the evidence that led to successful claims with the company that you are claiming against.

This will give you a very good head start on the road to a successful claim and will speed the process up ensuring that your payout will be quick and efficient.

The advice that they provided proved to invaluable in helping me get in touch with the right people for the job! 

- Kathy, from Hitchin